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“When I was in grammar school I was able to do my homework by myself every night. I feel like the process has drastically changed to the expectation of parents assisting children with homework. I often did not understand the math that my son needed to complete for the following day and having to explain and correct writing assignments was causing our relationship to suffer. I became the enemy and dictator, always telling my son what to do and how to do it while resenting his teachers for not preparing him to be able to do his homework without my help. I stopped blaming my son, blaming myself and blaming his teachers and reached out for help. I could not be happier with ASA. My son has a positive attitude, consistency, tutors and a daily routine that he follows. I know this is a blueprint for academic success and am grateful for starting him in this program years before highschool!”

Claire Popernik | La Grange, IL

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After School Advantage's program has made such a positive change for my, daughter.  Within three weeks, she has raised her grade in two subjects!  My daughter has been so motivated since starting at ASA, and her confidence has increased as her academics improve.  She was a good student to begin with, but this has taken her to another level.

The staff really cares and makes sure she feels welcome.  Aside from getting homework done and tutoring with a teacher, my daughter enjoys the fun time listening to music while having a snack with fellow students, as well as the physical activity she gets to participate in.  When I pick her up at six, homework is done and she can come home to enjoy free time doing hobbies, or spend time reading with me and giving our family more time to spend with each other.

After School Advantage is a great place to be, and the price is much less than what I had been paying for a tutor, but I'm getting much more.  The owners are always accessible and on site everyday the program is in session.  Thanks ASA! Keep up the good work.

Ana Campos | La Grange, IL

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